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Aspen Movie Map, Bois sculptés d’Ammassalik, Stick charts.

Aspen Movie Map

The Aspen Movie Map (Page wikipedia)
The Aspen Movie Map, A Surrogate Travel, 1981
Aspen Interactive Movie Map
The Interactive Movie Map sur domesday86 (images et liste des participants au projet) — Très, très lent à charger…
Nicholas Negroponte, The Architecture Machine, MIT Press, 1970 (
Nicholas Negroponte, Soft Architecture Machine, MIT Press, 1975
Kino-Pravda (Page wikipedia)
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The Rand McNally Photo-Auto Guide, 1909
Robert W. Karrow, Chicago-Lake Geneva: A 100 years Road Trip, 2008
Michael Naimark, The Karlsruhe Movie Map, 1991 ; The Karlsruhe Movie Map 09, 2009, ZKM
Michael Naimark, VBK – A Moviemap of Karlsruhe. Mediated Reality and Consciousness of Place, Tomorrow’s Realities catalog, Siggraph ’91.
Google Maps Origin Story (versionmuseum)
Vraiment Vraiment, Espace public : Google a les moyens de tout gâcher — et pas qu’à Toronto, 2019
Simon Weckert, Google Maps Borders, 2019

Bois sculptés d’Ammassalik

Hans Harmsen, Greenland’s Hand-Sized Wooden Maps Were Used for Storytelling, not Navigation, 2018
Woodcuts (Bodleian Map Room Blog)
Inuit Cartography (The Decolonial Atlas)

Sur la carte en général, son histoire et ses biais en particulier.

Yann Caradec, Histoire de la cartographie, Mémoire de fin d’étude, 2002.
Histoire de la cartographie — Les précurseurs (
Ptolémée, Géographie (Page wikipedia)
Christophe Chabert, Une brève histoire de la cartographie et de ses biais, Revue Constructif, 2021 (
Maps on the web
David Rumsey Map Collection
W.C. Woodbridge, Moral & Political chart of the inhabited world, 1837

Stick Charts (cartes bâton) des Îles Marshall

Polynesian stick charts (
Mariabruna Fabrizi, Sculptural Cartography: How the Marshall Islands Inhabitants Used Stick Charts to Map the Waves, 2014 (
Ben Finney, “Nautical Cartographyand Traditional Navigation in Oceania”, (cf. p.475 à 485), The History of Cartography, Vol. 2, University of Chicago Press
Captain Winkler, On Sea Charts Formerly Used in the Marshall Islands, Smithsonian report for 1899 (
William Davenport, Marshall Island Navigational Charts, Imago Mundi Vol. 15, 1960
Marshall Islands Stick Charts (Page wikipedia)
The Ocean Show Us the Way (Film, Ocean Today)
Joseph H. Genz, Resolving Ambivalence in Marshallese Navigation, University of Hawai’i at Hilo, 2016
Traditional Marshallese Stickchart Navigation
Mattang type (
Meddo type (
Rebbelib type (
Markus Hoffmann, Stick Chart, 2018